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They are pictures, such as an aviation festival etc. of the past photoed with film single lens reflex cameras.
It becomes the picture published to the site of the previous version. Since it scanned directly from the photograph,
image quality is quite bad, but please take a look as data which understand a situation of those days.
Although size were still that time, the page was remade to the present version.
*A gray character is under work now.
Japan Air Self Defence Force
Chitose Air Festival 1983.09.04 1994.08.07 1999.08.08 2000.08.06 2002.08.04
MIsawa Air Festival 1995.09.10 2000.09.17 2001.09.09 2002.09.08 2003.09.07
Gifu Air Festival 2000.10.15
Hofukita Air Festival 2001.07.22
Nyutabaru Air Festival 1999.12.05 2000.11.26
Tsuiki Air Festival 2002.12.15

Japan Maritime Self Defence Force
Hachinohe Air Festival 2001.09.08 2002.09.07 2003.09.06
Iwakuni Air Base Kids & Youth 2001.07.20

Japan Ground Self Defence Force
Camp Okadama Open House 1998.06.07 1999.09.04 2000.09.10 2001.06.03 2003.06.22

United States of America
NAF Atsugi Wings 2001.07.28-29
USMC Iwakuni Friendship Day 2002.05.05
USMC El Toro Airshow 1997.04.27

SAPPORO AIRSHOW 1997.09.07 1999.09.05 2002.09.15
Kanoya Historical Museum 2001.07.15
GOLDEN AIR TATOO 1997.04.25-26@Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
1st RED BARON AIR SHOW 1995.07.22-23,07.29-30 *ZERO Fighter & P-51